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BKS Iyengar


BKS Iyengar unique and inspired way of teaching was instrumental in introducing yoga to the Western World. In 1966, Iyengar published Light on Yoga, an international best seller. More than anything this book made yoga an international phenomenon. BKS Iyengar studied and practised yoga for over 70 years. He devoted his life to yoga, systemising the many asanas and devising a method that made yoga accessible to all. Iyengar yoga became widespread across Europe and America, a name given to this system by Iyengar's senior teachers, not by himself.

BKS Iyengar officially retired in 1984, but continued to be very active in the world of Iyengar Yoga, teaching special classes and writing books. Sadly Guruji died in August 2016 but his Yoga lives on through the teachers who teach and practise his method Worldwide.

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